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            1. Analysis of the development of China's instrument industry and forecast of its

              by younio 2017,10,04 Water meter News

              According to the notice China metrology Association Working Committee on water, "technical specifications" and "type and function of intelligent water meter remote meter automatic meter reading system of engineering construction and acceptance specification" internal standard two China metering water meter industry association will be released on November 30, 2014, May 1, 2015 onwards.

              In recent years, the intelligent water meter usage increased year by year, in actual use, but encounter various problems, such as various manufacturers of the same type of intelligent water meter products because there is no uniform standard, have a greater difference in the type and function of the product, the user type, industry standard management brings many difficulties and inconvenience. Therefore, by the Ningbo Limited by Share Ltd as the main unit of water meter, the joint Zhejiang Institute of measurement and testing technology, Ningbo Donghai instrument channel Co. Ltd., Chongqing smart meter Group Co., Ltd., Henan Hangzhou water meter Xintian Polytron Technologies Inc, Limited by Share Ltd Jiang Xisan Sichuan meter 23 units jointly drafted the "technical specifications" and the function of intelligent water meter type, type of thought with the function of unified and standardized intelligent water meter product, convenient for users to purchase and use of intelligent water meter products.

              The development of standards, to establish the intelligent water meter technical standard system in China to promote and regulate our water industry existing and intends to develop products and technology, economic and technological cooperation and promote the production of manufacturing enterprises and related parties, enhance the significance of enterprise and communication between users and the correct use of water products and other aspects have a very important. It is not only related to China's smart meter industry can continuous improvement, timely adjustment of product structure, orderly and rapid development in the near future to catch up with foreign advanced level, but also related to the national water policy and water meter industry development planning requirements can really be implemented effectively.

              The technical specifications for construction and acceptance of the automatic meter reading system for the automatic meter reading system of are mainly composed of Chongqing intelligent water meter group co.. The industry standard aims to standardize and unify the remote automatic meter reading system engineering construction, acceptance of the term, definition, system structure and site survey, remote automatic meter reading system installation, project acceptance work requirements, improve the level of remote meter reading system and install the standardization.