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            1. Features:


              Dry-dial, magnetic drive;

              Antimagnetic type,protected against external magnetic tampering;

              Vacuum-sealed register, frost resistant, keeps clear reading for long time;

              Available for cold water 0~30℃ and hot water30℃~90℃;

              360° Rotating dial

              Register can be rotated in any direction for convenient reading;

              High accuracy, the meters conform to ISO4064 Standard Class Cor R160

              Brass body can be painted or nickel coated;

              Plastic body is optional;

              Upon request

              Remote transmission device can be added

              Pulse output 10L/Pulse

              Related Communication Networks
              Pulse Output wired
              M-bus wired
              LORA wireless

              Related solution
              Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
              Billing and Utility

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