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            1. Smart water makes your life colorful

              Younio contributes to provide the business consultation, project design, products research and development, system integration, data analysis, etc.to support the water supply company with the programming and construction of information: The company strives to promote the management and achievement in virtue of the “Smart Water” products and service, making it digital water supply and intelligent water solution.

              Younio smart water system combines world-advanced sensors, software and services with SMART WATERSUPPLY CLOUD PLATFORM.

              Smart Measurement

              No pulse accumulation error : Adopting photoelectric direct reading technique, numbers can be read through meter window;

              No power supply: Direct reading device would be power up only in a breath while meter reading;

              Easy construction: Three structures is convenient for construction and maintaining;

              Case Study:  Country Garden, CN

              Know more about younio smart water network

              Better Communication

              Two modes as automatic remote transmission meter reading:

              MBUS wired

              LORA wireless

              Communication supports GPRS/3G/4G

              Easy Analyzation

              Water Analysis

              VIP Meter reading list, Nighttime Water Consumption, VIP Meter Water Consumption, Over-limit Alarms, Meter Matching

              DMA Management

              Community Leakage Detection, Community Leakage Rate, DMA Setting, DMA Leakage Detection, DMA Leakage Rate